Sunday, July 09, 2006

HFF's Best

Here're some of my random best picks for eating in the Bay Area.

Best $4.75 you can spend on food: Salt Cod and Potato Cazuela at Cesar

Best falafel (by a huge margin): Sophia

Best $7.00 you can spend on food and beer: 7/10 Split at Lanesplitter (two slices and a beer)

Best fried squid: Magnolia Pub

Best sandwich: Grilled Yam sandwich at Magnolia

Best late-night: Zuni and Emmy's Spaghetti Shack

Best super late-night: Daimo

Best flatbread: Coco500 (sorry A Cote)

Best desserts: Eccolo

Best dill pickle soup: Old Krakow

Best breakfast: La Note

Best pancakes: Sam's Log Cabin

Best anchovy-stuffed olives: Magnolia (sorry downtown)

Best on-the-go meal: Smoothie from Tazo at SFSU (chocolate peanut butter banana in particular)

Best place to view health code violations: Mediterranean buffet at Bacheeso's

Best place to have to bad food in a beautiful space: Cafe Rouge

There'll be more.

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