Sunday, March 04, 2007

HFF's Recent Hits

I haven't been any place recently that warrants an entire review, plus I think restaurant reviews are kinda passed their relevance anyway.

That being said, what's been going on lately?

Most recent standout? Scott and I dropped in at Absinthe near civic center after we left the symphony at intermission. John Adams' new opera blows goats. Anyway, Absinthe was great. The best duck confit I've ever had (and I've had a lot). Crispy skin, gooey fat, moist meat. The skate wing was moist and crispy as well. We also had a smoked salmon appetizer with cucumbers that was excellent and a straight forward but tasty creme brulee.

Recent trip to Deep Sushi over in Noe Valley was disappointing. Awkward staff and disappointing food, especially for the price.

This month's Gregoire menu is pretty bad ass. In addition to the apparently "legendary" pecan gorgonzola burger is the equally legendary, as far as I'm concerned, smoked Maine shrimp sandwich. Also, braised lamb in lavash and a pork loin with apricot chutney. Tasty.

Cafe Fanny continues to impress in its simplicity, though the service is definitely not in a hurry. At all. Christ, the staff is so freakin' stoned. But, egg salad on toasted levain with sundried tomatoes and anchovies is pretty f-ing fantastic.

Pomelo, also out in Noe Valley, is a spot that has grown on me. There's nothing exceptional about the food in terms of the quality of ingredients or even the preparation, but the dishes themselves are clean, fresh, and well balanced. Grilled mahi mahi with cheddar polenta, mushrooms, and snap peas. Pancit with chicken, chinese sausage, and prawns. Quinoa cakes with ancho chili, roasted pepper coulis, onions, and avocado with rotating fish of the day. Sure the fish is overcooked sometimes but the whole plates are well-balanced and not too greasy. It's nice.

There'll be more.

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