Thursday, August 24, 2006

HFF Quickie: Globe

Add another restaurant to the stable of HFF's quality spots for return visits.

This wasn't even on the agenda for dinner--we had plans to hit up Zuni but lane closures on the bridge held us back and we had no desire to be one of the "those guys" rolling in thirty minutes before close so we redirected our efforts to Globe.

I was shocked at how good the food is there--late-night eating and quality generally don't go hand in hand (see The Brazen Head over in the Marina). We kept it light--two pizzas a starter and two sides for the three of us. Oh, and a bottle of wine--a 2004 Wild Hog Carignane that was fucking off the charts. One of the best reds I've had (and at a $35 list price).

The appetizer of friurello peppers "pedron style" was decent--the peppers were fairly "green" and undersalted. Not sure if these are meant to be similar to "pimientos de padron" for instance. The accompanying cherry tomatoes were retardedly good, however--as was the burrata.

The two pizzas were off the charts. The only weak spot was the crust, which was doughy and underseasoned--not bad, just really bread-y. The sopprasetta and sunnyside-up egg pizza was great. The best sopprasetta I've had (don't think it's housemade) covering the pizza with two perfectly runny eggs on top. Even better was the wild mushroom and black truffle oil pizza--meaty, flavorful, and redolent with fungi.

The side dishes were solid--some just-slightly underdone broccoli de ciccio (not the best I've had, but good) and a decent mac and cheese. This was probably the best restaurant mac and cheese I've had, but that's not saying much. It was nice and cheesy if a bit too liquid-y.

Food was good, service was friendly but flighty--and they serve until 1AM (or later, I'm not sure). And a killer wine list with nice funky bottles in the $30-$40.

Not that it needs more press--but check out Globe next chance you get.

290 Pacific Ave.
San Francisco, Ca 94111
Total Cost with Generous Tip (for three): $110

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