Saturday, August 12, 2006

Things I Like, Things I Don't

Things I Like

Lanesplitter Pizza – Two slices and a beer for seven bucks? Enormous thin crust pies loaded with simple, tasty toppings? Salt, spice, and flavor? Late hours and unpretentious service? Lanesplitter kicks all the Cal-Cuisine pizza pretenders square in the nuts.

Tokyo Fish – Fresh fish, friendly people, a great little produce section and a wide array of weird and tasty Japanese imports.

Cesar’s Salt Cod and Potato Cazuela – Sure it’s just brandade in a bowl but it’s also the best $4.75 you can spend on food in town.

Aleppo pepper – Have you ever tried it? Think a milder mix of dried chipotle, cumin, and cayenne.

Spanish Table – Wine, snacks, and helpful staff without the pretense, sophistry, and obscene mark-ups of other area specialty shops.

99 Ranch – Sure it’s not the best source for organics, but it’s the best source for fish paste.

Minerality – It’s the new buttery. Trust me.

Gregoire – Despite frequent slip-ups there’s no better place for a sandwich. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not overpriced.

Frogs’ legs – The bastard child of chicken and lobster.

Solano Cellars – The best selection from the biggest geographical diversity of any local shop. Friendly staff and cool wine bar—flights change every week.

Things I Don’t

Salads – Come on! It’s fucking produce on a plate! There are better ways to eat vegetables.

Oddlots Wine Shop – So this is a petty grudge, but the owner flagrantly ignored us when I tried to spend money at his business. I'm never going back.

Paying for Eggs – Why spend money on scrambles or omelettes? Waste your hard-earned brunch money on something cool. Like frogs’ legs.

Monterey Fish – Overpriced and stinky. Also staffed by hipsters who are overpriced and

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