Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HFF Quickie: Sheddy's - Los Angeles, Ca

What gets people to go into a restaurant or bar?

With the notable exception of "being in a very well-traveled area with a more-or-less captive audience," the answer to that question is one nobody knows and everybody thinks they know. And even being in a well-traveled area is no guarantee as well-traveled areas have higher rents and thus a lower threshold for inadequacy.

A successful bar is lightning striking in a bottle, even if you do everything right.

Sheddy's, a new beer and wine bar on Fairfax Avenue (near 3rd) is doing everything right. So maybe I can get some people in there.

Taking over an ill-fated tapas restaurant, Sheddy's is a very scaled-back affair. It still focuses almost exclusively on Spanish wines, but also serves three quality beers on draft (Murphy's, Abita, and Maudite). Most notably, Sheddy's serves a mix-and-match cheese and charcuterie plate in lieu of any more elaborate cuisine.

I say that's a good thing. Though when I went in they were out of almost everything. They still cobbled together a solid cheese plate.

The space is relaxed and cozy, with a lot of wood, cushions, and tables. It's convivial and neighborhood-y. Music is mellow and hip. It's the perfect place to go out with friends for some drinks. And, unless she's a stupid ho, if you take a date here I'd say you're 99% likely to seal the deal. You'll seem attentive, smart, and erudite. What more do you want?

Sheddy's is just in a tough spot. It's in a "drive-through" section of LA, just far enough from population and commerce centers to present an interesting predicament. That being said, it is a block from the WGA-West offices and a few more blocks from CBS TV Studios, which presents a lot of corporate and after-work possibilities. Most of these people probably live north and east of Sheddy's however, making that small track west that much trickier.

It really is the perfect place. Good wine. Great beer. Great cheese plate. Friendly service. Fair prices. Back patio that's very smoker-friendly.

Go to Sheddy's. Do it now.

361 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90036


James said...

Maudite on draft? Sweet. I'd drink that "Damned" draft...=)

jim said...

Hey man, thanks for this wicked review. You never really got around to answering your question though and I'd sure love to hear it!!
As far as drive through you should have mentioned the 10 free parking spaces out back if people driving through want to stop off.
Anyway, just thought I'd also mention that October 27th is my birthday so from that monday through til sunday I'm having $3 draught on offer and the entire wine list will be 2 for 1 all week long (including halloween night for the first annual "Vamp Out!" party- vampire dress mandatory)
Thanks again! And sorry we were low on cheese ;-)
Jim Sheddy

Lena said...

Thanks for the bar review-- could have done without hearing about your flailing attempts to get bagged.