Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'd Title This Post "Hidden Gems" But That'd Be Really Lame

A quick showcase of a few great spots in LA that you should, nay, must, visit on a regular basis:

1. Bacaro. I don't know why the LA food press isn't giving this place more love. Great food. Great wine. Simple stylish space. And fucking amazing prices. Each "small" plate is $7 or 3 for $19. And from 5-7PM each plate is $5. They've also started doing a stellar brunch on Sundays. www.bacarolosangeles.com

2. Allston Yacht Club. Another great little spot off the beaten path. Or rather, off the path where people are beaten. That path being Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park. But they're usually beaten well after the restaurants are closed. Just kidding. Nobody gets beaten in Echo Park. I don't think. But another great wine-oriented eatery with inexpensive small plates and a small eclectic wine list. www.allstonyachtclub.com

3. Wurstkuche. So this place isn't really a hidden gem, but it's out of the way and awesome. Sausages, beers, and fries in a friendly industrial Arts District space. I just had the Austin Blues sausage, which was fucking great--made from smoked pork it tasted like some Texas barbecue in sausage form. www.wurstkucherestaurant.com

4. CitySip. Not the cheapest wine bar in town, but it easily has the best selection (40+ wines by the glass) and a slowly expanding food menu. And as great as the wines are, the draft beer selection just might be the best small selection of California craft brews around. www.citysipla.com

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