Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Love Pizzeria Delfina

So Pizzeria Delfina, home of (to my mind) the best mid-priced bourgie pizza in San Francisco, is giving Yelp! a nice big old cockslap across the eyes. How are they doing that? By dressing their staff in t-shirts proudly emblazoned with quotes from some of their worst Yelp! reviews.

I've always strongly believed that, with the exception of some very specific niche businesses and out-of-the-way establishments, Yelp! reviews have virtually no impact on whether a business, especially a restaurant, succeeds or fails.

Restaurants succeed based on quality (of both food and management), value, and location. That's it.

Read about Pizzeria Delfina's big fuck you to Yelp! (and see one of the t-shirts).

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